Tosbox is your shortcut to TOS + community rules administration

We bundle a bunch of compliance flows required by your app stores, cloud hosts, and government, so you don't have to build them in-house.

We're in early beta! Reach out to to get in.

TOS features

  Signature capture

Use Tosbox to capture signatures on your terms of service, as well as checklists of specific high-importance callouts. We're standardizing format, boilerplate clauses, and signing UX to build familiarity and trust with users. (But careful: we're not your lawyer, or your users' lawyer).

Our signing UX can provide automatic short diffs for capturing users' consent to changes.

Free up to 1000 signatures per month, cheap after that.

  Standardize and automate disclosures

Our YAML-based TOS format, which we license openly as an evolving industry standard, makes it easier for your tech + legal teams to compile the disclosures required by laws, app stores, and large clients.

If your vendors use Tosbox, we automatically integrate your TOS with theirs to make this even easier.

  Paper trail for opt-outs and consent

TOS isn't the only form of consent your app needs. New privacy laws are adding new prompts that need to be captured per-event. Use our tool to capture consent, show users their paper trail, forestall complaints, and build trust.

You may also wish to allow opt-outs for some TOS clauses, for example to attract specific b2b clients, or to comply with case law on arbitration. We've got you covered.

Governance features

  Cheap and repeatable disputes

Handle disputes between users cheaply using juries composed of volunteers from your userbase. Optionally, publish anonymized or aggregated outcomes, so your users have transparent oversight into how your rules are administered.

The larger your business, the more good governance affects your relationship with your clients or users. Use our dispute layer to show your stakeholders that you're committed to fairness and trust.

  Standard flows for content flagging

Our content flagging tool standardizes complaint, dispute, and aggregate reporting workflows to build trusted, transparent systems for your users. We can also direct flags to your jury system to reduce your in-house workload.